The Controversy Behind Weedmaps

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The headquarters of Weedmaps, the most influential company in California’s medical-marijuana industry, is hidden inside a gray, two-story office building at the intersection of Irvine Center Drive and Discovery in Irvine. Inside the green-accented lobby, the first hint that you’ve just entered a 420-friendly business is a faint trace of marijuana odor.

Within a year of Weedmap’s founding in 2008, the company’s website was already bringing in $300,000 per month in advertising revenue—from storefront dispensaries, delivery services and doctor referral providers. By 2013, Weedmaps was generating $1.5 million per month. In 2014, the most recent year for which the company’s financial data is available, Weedmaps was earning at least $30 million from listings.

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Britain’s decision to leave the E.U. is a warning to America

Brexit Investment Advice Alexander Nachman Cannabis Sector Expert

I woke up this morning, after not much sleep, to graphic depictions of the pound crashing, the stock exchange collapsing and markets all over the world in turmoil. I have no doubt that tomorrow, or the next day, the story will be different. Traders will take a step back and notice that nothing, actually, has happened yet. There will be cheap assets to pick up. Markets will stabilize.

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The Big Difference Between LeBron James’s and Stephen Curry’s Finance Strategies

Investment Strategies LeBron James Stephen Curry Alexander Nachman Cannabis Industry

When it comes to finance, LeBron James bets on the short-term, while Stephen Curry plays the long game. Here’s what you can learn from their decisions.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have a lot in common.

Both multiyear MVPs have annually raked in millions through endorsement deals. Curry’s signature line of basketball shoes has impacted Under Armour’s sales by an estimated $14 billion, according to an analyst from Morgan Stanley. And last December, James signed a lifetime deal with Nike for $30 million annually. It’s the largest single-athlete guarantee for the sportswear giant, and may be worth over $1 billion.

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Bill Bratton’s Backward Logic on Marijuana

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on cannabis, marijuana. Posted by Alexander Nachman, Cannabis Industry Advocate and Spokesman.
Earlier this week, New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton made a very confused statement about the increasingly popular movement to legalize marijuana. “Here in New York City,” he declared, “most of the violence we see, violence around drug trafficking, is involving marijuana. And I have to scratch my head as we see many states wanting to legalize marijuana, and liberalization of policies.”As Jacob Sullum notes, “Bratton is presenting an argument for legalization as an argument against it … what Bratton views as a head-scratcher—that people would want to legalize a business tied to black-market violence—is actually a no-brainer.” Insofar as the marijuana trade is violent, it is because selling the drug is illegal. Prohibition gives rise to highly profitable conspiracies of criminals who vie for territory, using violence to best rivals who cannot turn to the law to defend themselves.

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Is Texas the Next Hotbed for Cannabis?


About 60 miles north of Dallas, amid green fields in the sleepy town of Gunter — population 1,486 — Texas Cannabis CEO Patrick Moran has optioned to buy a former cotton gin, where he plans to grow the Cannabis sativa plant, known more commonly as marijuana.

The businessman and attorney is positioning himself at the forefront of what he estimates will be a $900 million a year industry in Texas — the recently legalized market for treating intractable epilepsy with a strain of marijuana that eases seizures without getting patients high. Continue reading

Exposed: The Full Story Behind Why Marijuana Is Illegal & Classified As A Schedule 1 Drug


Marijuana has been used since the beginning of recorded history. From it we’ve made a number of things such as paper, fabric, crops, building materials, proteins, rope, fuel and medicine. Not to mention, oils made from the plant are the most medicinally active substances ever found. That is exactly why it is illegal. It all came down to a vicious fight for billion-dollar markets that took place in the early 1900’s. Continue reading

Cannabis Stocks can be a Great Investment, but Care is Required.

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Thinking about investing in cannabis stocks? Please remember that most websites and advice you will find online are hired to promote a specific stock, and are, therefore, not unbiased. These sites and individuals do not offer solid investment advice, because they were simply hired by their clients to promote their stocks.

I work differently. I do not work for or on behalf of any marijuana company, so the advice I offer is unbiased and deemed worthy based upon my years as a Wall Street Investment Analyst.

If you are thinking about investing in the cannabis industry, but need a trusted advisor, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be glad to help you reach your financial goals.



Alexander Nachman

Cannabis Industry Investment Specialist

Meet the Grandmother Leading the Charge to Bring Marijuana to the Elderly

Sue Taylor, Senior Citizen for Cannabis. Alex Nachman, Cannabis Investment Expert

Sue Taylor is an African-American grandmother who runs three miles a day and describes her late 60s as the time of her life. She’s a retired Catholic school principal living in Berkeley, California, who wears pearls and stylish pantsuits, holds a divinity school degree, and attributes her “perfect health” to marijuana, which she uses orally and topically for pain relief and better sleep. She says her spiritual journey has led her to realize her soul’s purpose: to connect the elderly with weed. She’s on a national mission to do just that.

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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be For Cannabis Legalization Even If You Don’t Smoke.

Alexander Nachman, Cannabis industry expert, with expertise in marijuana legalization, policies, medical marijuana, and investing in the cannabis industry.

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be For Cannabis Legalization Even If You Don’t Smoke.

By Alexander Nachman

I want to have a discussion a very pointed and direct dialogue between you and me and I really need some feedback, because I am struggling to understand who is exactly against cannabis at this point and why? I believe I present a fairly logical progression of reasons to be in favor of the plant, but I don’t want to miss anyone or mis-characterize anyone, so by all means let me know who you are, that despite the laundry list of reasons that will follow you still don’t stand in favor of the legalization of cannabis.  I really am curious as to who you are. So kindly ask please inform us all who you are and what you are thinking?

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Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis and Cancer, by Jonathan Treasure, comments by Alexander Nachman.

In his book, The Thinking Patient’s Guide to Cannabis & Cancer (vol. I)  by Jonathan Treasure, the author discusses the differences and likenesses of pharmaceutical and herbal healing. A wonderful excerpt is below:

Seeing herbs as either poison or panacea is unhelpful, but so is vilifying either modern mainstream or traditional herbal medicine. A more useful way to illustrate the differences between the two would be by comparing the approaches of a gardener and a mechanic.

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