Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis and Cancer, by Jonathan Treasure, comments by Alexander Nachman.

In his book, The Thinking Patient’s Guide to Cannabis & Cancer (vol. I)  by Jonathan Treasure, the author discusses the differences and likenesses of pharmaceutical and herbal healing. A wonderful excerpt is below:

Seeing herbs as either poison or panacea is unhelpful, but so is vilifying either modern mainstream or traditional herbal medicine. A more useful way to illustrate the differences between the two would be by comparing the approaches of a gardener and a mechanic.

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Misconceptions about CBD

Alexander Nachman, Cannabis and Marijuana Industry Advocate and Spokesperson.

It doesn’t get you high, but it’s causing quite a buzz among medical scientists and patients. The past year has seen a surge of interest in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating cannabis compound with significant therapeutic properties. Numerous commercial start-ups and internet retailers have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, touting CBD derived from industrial hemp as the next big thing, a miracle oil that can shrink tumors, quell seizures, and ease chronic pain—without making people feel “stoned.”But along with a growing awareness of cannabidiol as a potential health aid there has been a proliferation of misconceptions about the product.

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